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Brand Announcement

Well isn't this exciting… we've rebranded and we have a new system!

Premium Funding and Principal Finance are now Arteva Funding. In addition to our new name and logo, we also have a new brand identity that combines our two legacy companies and reflects our purpose, our position in the market, our vision for the future and our deep dedication to our industry.

Here's a little bit of a story about how we got here and what informed these changes:

Our new name and brand identity has been months in the making and was a very considered process. Extensive research was carried out into the industry, our broker partners and clients, our competitors and our own people in ways we have never explored before. And to say we are thrilled with the outcome would be an understatement.

“The rename and rebrand is a significant milestone in our integration journey” said Daniel Gronert, our CEO. “Arteva Funding unites our team under the one banner and defines who we are. Our independence, use of technology to drive change and commitment to providing an exceptional funding experience for both our broker partners and clients is reflected in our new brand identity. We’re different to others in the market and the branding does a great job of representing that”.

But our new brand isn’t the only thing that is new. We have also launched our new broker system – PF LIVE. Purpose built for the industry, PF LIVE promises to be the best system in the industry, providing in-depth reporting, real-time client activity updates, a centralised client view, improved communication features and a seamless funding experience. PF LIVE is replacing the existing Premium Funding Pty Ltd system, Red-eFund, and users of the system will automatically be upgraded to the new system.

“Using technology to transform the industry has always been a priority for both Premium Funding and Principal Finance”, said Ross Hayward, our Head of Systems and Strategy. “PF LIVE has been built in-house from the ground up and we have involved our broker partners in every step along the way. The new system not only simplifies the funding experience, but also gives our broker partners more data to help forge growth strategies and complete transparency over their client relationships. It’s way more than just a place to organise a funding contract, it’s a business tool”.

During the rebrand process and development of PF LIVE, minimising any disruption to our broker partners and clients has always been front of mind. Therefore, there are no changes to how either our broker partners and clients would usually interact with us. Premium Funding and Principal Finance, although now joined under Arteva Funding, will continue our current operational set-up. This means you can still call us, email us and jump onto our systems in the exact same way as you did before.

At the end of January 2021, we announced that Premium Funding and Principal Finance were coming together under a new ownership arrangement. Now as Australia’s largest independent premium finance company, we plan to build further on our all already well-established competitive product offerings and delivering further industry-first innovations that are for the ultimate benefit of our broker partners and clients.

Our new name and brand identity, along with the launch of PF LIVE are some very exciting first steps in our new journey and we look forward to sharing more announcements with you in the near future. But for the time being and now that you are here, have a look around our new website to learn more about us here at Arteva Funding.

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