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Changing to eFund FAQs

What is eFund?

eFund is our simple, easy-to-use broker system that is used to arrange and manage insurance premium funding solutions for your clients.

Why is this change occurring?

In 2021, Premium Funding Pty Ltd and Principal Finance Pty Ltd merged to become Arteva. Since then, we have continued to provide our services through the two different broking systems of our legacy businesses – PF Live and eFund.

The time has now come to consolidate these two systems so that we can further enhance our service delivery. Moving forward, Arteva will only use eFund to provide our services.


What does it mean for me?

Instead of using PF Live to process and manage your client’s insurance premium funding arrangement, you will now use eFund.


When will this change occur?

To ensure a smooth transition, there will be a grace period in between setting you up on eFund and closing access to PF Live. We will advise you when your access to PF Live will conclude.

Will I be able to access my data from PF Live to eFund.

Yes. All current loan information has been transferred from PF Live to eFund so you will be able to conduct your regular processes on these loans in eFund (e.g. renew, endorse).

Will I require new login details to access eFund?

Yes. These will be supplied to you by email.


Will this affect my clients?

No. There is no impact to your client’s current loans.


Will I receive training on eFund?

Yes. eFund is very easy to use, but we will provide training. There is also training tutorials on eFund you can reference at anytime.

There are currently two Arteva’s to select from in my Funder drop down box. Which one should I select?

Please select Arteva-Principal moving forward as this links to eFund.

Arteva-Premium links through to PF Live . In due course, this option will be removed from your list. If selected in error, you will receive a message. Please select Arteva – Principal to proceed.

Which reports can I access on eFund?

There are currently Funding, Renewal and Settlement reports available in eFund. For more detailed financial reporting, please speak to your BDM who can assist.

Can all staff in my office access my loans in eFund?


Can I update a client’s contact details in eFund?


Can I update a client’s payment details in eFund?


Can I access a client’s payment schedule / statement?