Premium Funding

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Premium funding is for everyone.

We’ve always believed that a premium funding solution can benefit every single business and domestic insurance policyholder, no matter the size of premium.  In today’s economic climate where we are experiencing increases in the cost-of-living, insurance premiums and potentially interest rates, this has never been more apparent.

Premium funding takes away the burden of paying insurance premiums up-front, instead spreading the cost of annual insurance policies over monthly repayments. Now, this not only helps with cash flow, but also reduces the risk of underinsurance by providing access to the right level of cover that sometimes can seem out of reach due to affordability.

Clients also stand to benefit from being able to roll multiple insurance policies into one premium funding contract. This simplifies their accounting procedures by replacing multiple debits with one monthly instalment.

Additional benefits include:

  • It’s a simple fixed rate loan that means clients are protected from interest rate fluctuations over the course of a premium funding contract.
  • Interest repayments may be tax deductible.
  • A premium funding solution will not impact any finance or banking facilities they may already have in place due to the insurance policies acting as security for the loan.


We encourage our brokers to discuss an Arteva premium funding solution with all of their clients, and as always, promise to provide an exceptional funding experience for you both.