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Target Market Determination

From 5th October 2021, we are required by law to have a Target Market Determination for our domestic premium funding loan product.

A Target Market Determination seeks to help consumers obtain appropriate financial products.

It describes:

  • the design of the product concerned (including its key attributes)
  • the appropriate target market for the product
  • any conditions and restrictions on distribution of the product and
  • when the Target Market Determination needs to be reviewed.

The aim is to ensure a customer focus in the design and distribution of financial products.

Those who wish to distribute our domestic premium funding loan product also have obligations under law.  The Target Market Determination describes those obligations.  You can access it here.

The obligations include that distributors must take reasonable steps to distribute the product consistently with the Target Market Determination, and that they must report to us certain information which is specified in the Target Market Determination within the time frame specified.  Such reports should be made to us at

If you have any queries regarding the Target Market Determination, please call (08) 8362 3644 or email us at