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We’re ESG focused

We believe in better outcomes for all

This year, we published our first-ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy that details our beliefs and approach to ESG considerations.

We believe ESG considerations are important to our business operations, our culture, and our accountability to our stakeholders, ultimately leading to better outcomes for our society, our people, and the environment.

With a focus on continual improvement, #teamarteva has been taking action to contribute to some of the challenges the world faces today in areas such as climate change, sustainable use of resources, and supporting people and communities.

These actions include:

  • We are utilising the services of an external provider to assist with accurately calculating our carbon emissions with a view to reduce where we can and offset as part of our journey to becoming a carbon neutral business.
  • Our team is engaged with our new ESG policy and actively identifying areas where we can reduce our waste, conserve energy and donate unused goods where appropriate. For example:
    • Our old mobile phones are going to a domestic abuse charity that provides them to individuals who need a private source of communication to help them through their situation.
    • Branded bags we no longer use were donated to a charity that will use them to provide Christmas care packages.
  • We have digitised all our communications where possible and reduced our promotional printing. This includes our popular flip calendars that have now been replaced with digital calendar wallpapers.
  • We are partnering with charities that promote better outcomes for the communities we operate within. This includes the 2022 Kidney Kar Rally and Orange Sky. Learn more about what we are doing in this space here.
  • We support our people in making a positive difference through our Employee-Giving program, where we provide fundraising matching and paid volunteer days so our team can support causes that are of importance to them.
  • We promote a healthy and safe culture internally by providing regular communication, a diverse workplace, support services, flexible working arrangements, socially inclusive initiatives, and further training opportunities.
  • We conduct our business ethically, maintaining good corporate governance, compliance, and risk management, and promoting responsible business practices. We consistently review and develop policies and provide training across our business to ensure we maintain an excellent standard of corporate governance. This includes cyber security.

We look forward to sharing more of our actions and progress with all of our stakeholders in our future ESG reports. In the meantime, you can learn more about our ESG beliefs and approach, and view a copy of our ESG policy here on our website.