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Arteva goes Carbon Neutral

Arteva has taken a leading role in the premium funding industry by partnering with Trace to measure, reduce and offset our carbon emissions, achieving carbon neutral certification.

With the assistance of Trace, we underwent a rigorous data collection process to accurately measure our carbon emissions for the 2021/2022 financial year, identify opportunities to reduce our footprint and offset the emissions we were unable to reduce through certified carbon credits and tree planting.

Commenting on our company’s achievement, our CEO Daniel Gronert said, “We’re proud to be a carbon neutral business and send a clear message that we’re committed to sustainability, innovation and industry leadership. With growing concern among our own people and the communities we operate within around sustainability, we are continuing work this year to identify further areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint and become a more socially responsible business”.

In 2023, Arteva will not be distributing any promotional items at the many events we attend to connect with the broking community. Instead, we will be donating some of the funds we would usually spend on promotional items to our corporate charity partners.

“Although we have always loved to see our broker partners using our promo items, we recognise the environmental impact the creation and distribution of the promo items has and believe the funds spent on these materials could be better utilised by supporting our charity partners. Our team and technology add more value to our broking relationships than a branded item ever could and believe our partners will be supportive of this decision to ultimately create better outcomes for all”, said Gronert.

With Arteva scheduled to attend many industry events from February this year, the team looks forward to discussing our new carbon neutral certification and overarching ESG approach with the broking community.

To view our public impact page on Trace and learn about the projects we are investing in, click here.

To learn more about our ESG approach and view our policy, click here.

To learn more about how we support our communities, click here.

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