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Take a deep dive into your data

In addition to the reporting available on our broker system, PF LIVE, PF INSIGHTS takes a closer look at your funding data.

Accessed from the homepage of PF LIVE, PF INSIGHTS provides you with a comprehensive overview of your funding book of business, including:

  • Commissions earned
  • Contracts renewed vs not renewed
  • Client and portfolio payment history
  • Average loan sizes
  • Funding and contract volumes
  • Volume / Number of contracts by account manager

We also provide you with benchmarking data so that you can track how you are doing against other brokers in the market.

As you are probably aware by now, we love data. We use it to guide our business decisions, inform growth strategies, improve our client experiences, identify trends, solve problems and understand performance. It helps us to work smarter and faster. 

By sharing what we know about your funding book of business, you too can benefit from using your data to inform your own growth and retention strategies.

Be sure to take a look at the ‘Use data to drive your funding business blog’ and learn more about the future enhancements we have in store for ‘PF LIVE’.